The best plots in Criminal Minds: Evolution (2023)

Season 16 ofCriminal spiritsrecently concluded at Paramount+. AddresseeDevelopment, this new season was a renewal of the original series and was such a success that another season is on the way. While the series was once known for introducing a new dangerous villain in each episode, the renewal has a more consistent story.

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Criminal Minds: Evolutionmade many changes to the original series. Fans noticed that season 16 brought even more shocking twists than fans expected. From a new breed of criminals and sudden deaths to an open ending,Developmentkept the fans spellbound throughout the thrilling 10-episode run.



10 Crystal passed away

The best plots in Criminal Minds: Evolution (1)

One of the most shocking twists to begin withCriminal Minds: Evolutionit was the public who learned that Rossi's wife, Krystall, had died. This was a heartbreaking moment for Rossi as he struggled with the sudden loss of his true love.

While this was a heartbreaking twist, audiences also saw Rossi confront his former lone wolf persona.Rossi is known as a flawed characterwho likes to work alone and take risks. While it's a shame Rossi had to lose someone to show his dangerous side, it was a welcome return for many fans.

9 A network of serial killers

The best plots in Criminal Minds: Evolution (2)
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One of the biggest upsets at the start of the new season was the change in formula. The previous fifteen seasonsCriminal spirits, each episode—with the exception of a few two-part episodes—focuses on a different case.

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But in this new seasonCriminal spiritsfocuses strongly on the general case. The series returned to Elias Voit throughout the season as the BAU team tried to figure out who was the mastermind behind the network of serial killers. This was a new twist after many years of the series following the same story.

8 Voit was raised by a serial killer

The best plots in Criminal Minds: Evolution (3)

Elias Voit was a complex serial killer with a somewhat sympathetic background. When he was young, his parents died in a fire they started. He was then raised by his uncle Cyrus Lebrun. The audience learns that Cyrus was a serial killer who forced Elias to help him cover up his crimes.

Elijah's story was an interesting twist to the overall plot. As he tried to blame Cyrus for what he was and even killed the man who raised him, he inevitably couldn't deny that all these crimes were his own. The Cyrus plot also allowed the BAU to investigate Voit's other aliases.

7 Will learns he may have cancer

The best plots in Criminal Minds: Evolution (4)
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UCriminal Minds: Evolution, the plot focused more on the personal relationships of the team members than in previous seasons. In particular, the audience saw more of JJ and her husband Will, who wereone of the best love relationshipsin the original series.

One of the shocking twists in their personal subplot was Will's suspicion that he might have cancer. Although he was sedated later in the season, it was made clear that he needed more tests and was not completely healthy. This plot left the audience in suspense, waiting for the next season to see whereCriminal spiritswill take this character.

6 Voit kidnaps the dog instead of the owner

The best plots in Criminal Minds: Evolution (5)

DoorDevelopment, Voit has proven time and time again that he is capable of terrible things. Although he tried to play a devoted family man, the public knew how dangerous he really was. Viewers were left in suspense as Voit made it look like he was going to kidnap a young woman in a hardware store.

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In a shocking twist, Voit kidnapped her dog, Moose. The owner talked about how the dog was obedient, but Voit abused him to the point where Moose viciously attacked one of Voit's victims. This unexpected decision showed that this villain will continue to surprise viewers.

5 The BAU has been taken off the case

The best plots in Criminal Minds: Evolution (6)

AlreadyCriminal spiritsfocused on the main case for so long, it was a shock when Deputy Director Bailey and Attorney General Davis decided to pull the BAU off the case after a series of failed attempts to find Voit. However, one of thethe best tropes for criminal mindsis that the BAU team occasionally resorts to breaking the rules when necessary.

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While this was a shocking turn of events as the BAU desperately tried to solve this case without losing their jobs, the audience knew that the team was not giving up on something they were committed to. No superior ever stood in the way of the BAU.

4 Russia is easy to conquer

The best plots in Criminal Minds: Evolution (7)

The entire BAU team is very physically fit and able to defend themselves. However, Rossi is the oldest agent and has less physical strength than ever. Audiences have seen him fight several criminals over the years.

So it was somewhat of a shock that Elias Voit was able to subdue and knock Rossi out so easily to catch him. While it made sense that the younger man would have the upper hand, the minimal effort it took for Voito to take out the skilled FBI agent was shocking. On the other hand, it undermined onegewone Criminal Minds-tropethat the team always wins the battle. In this case, Rossi lost the race and was inevitably saved by his team.

3 Deputy Director Bailey dies

The best plots in Criminal Minds: Evolution (8)

Criminal spiritshas given mixed messages when it comes to new FBI Deputy Director Doug Bailey. He was often an adversary who tried to thwart the BAU's efforts with bureaucratic politics. However, fans also saw his care which suggests that he is a decent person who is just trying to do his job.

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Bailey's complex portrait made his sudden death all the more shocking. Coincidentally, Voight suddenly shot Bailey as the deputy manager entered Voight's cottage for negotiations. Until this point,Criminal spiritsmade it seem like Bailey would be a bigger villain or an important ally.

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2 Voight tried to kill his wife

The best plots in Criminal Minds: Evolution (9)

DoorDevelopment, Voight fought his need to kill. Although he wanted to be a family man who loved his wife and daughters, he knew that his murderous side often won out. It was hard for viewers to tell if he cared about his family or just wanted to care about them.

Although never definitively clarified, Voight proved his criminality knew no bounds when he attempted to shoot his wife after the BAU agents rescued his daughters. Their relationship becomes even more complicated when he tells her where Rossi is after she comes to talk to him.

1 Fans will see more of Voit

The best plots in Criminal Minds: Evolution (10)

By the end, much was left for speculationDevelopment, including the "Gold Star" plot and Voit's fate. While some viewers may have thought that Voit's arrest ended the Season 16 storyline and that the BAU would play another one next season, the finale was also left unspecified.

The final scene showed the FBI office taking Voit into an interrogation room where a mysterious figure had entered. This ending could mean a few things about the upcoming season and Voit's future involvement, but this ending suggests that audiences haven't seen the last of Elias Voit.



Why is MGG not in season 16? ›

In reality, the two actors weren't able to join the new series due to conflicting schedules. Criminal Mind showrunner Erica Messer explained to TV Insider. "We wanted [Gubler and Henny] both back, and they both had other projects, and we only had a very short window to shoot this year.

Does Sicarius get caught? ›

This season, the first of “Criminal Minds: Evolution,” did something they've never done before by following one UnSub through the season. Elias Voit/Sicarius (Zach Gilford) was finally arrested during the finale — and Rossi (Joe Mantegna) was rescued.

Who was the worst serial killer in Criminal Minds? ›

#1: George Foyet (aka the Reaper)

George Foyet is arguably the most memorable unsub on “Criminal Minds.” He first appeared as the only surviving victim of the Reaper. But when the Reaper returns to Boston, the team finds out that Foyet and the Reaper are one in the same.

Who is the longest character in Criminal Minds? ›

Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia then

Pictured here with Patinkin in the Season 1 installment “Riding the Lightning,” Vangsness appeared in 321 Criminal Minds episodes and is thus the show's longest-serving cast member returning for Evolution (unless Gubler makes a surprise reappearance, that is).

What is MGG IQ? ›

Spencer Reid, is undoubtedly on everyone's mind. However Matthew Gray Gubler hasn't always portrayed the genius with an IQ of 187 that can read 20,000 words per minute with three PhD's and eidetic memory. Who was Gubler before he became the youngest member of the BAU?

Why did JJ and Reid never date? ›

After JJ pulled through in the hospital, the pair got another chance to share their feelings, and this time, both parties admitted they were in love with one another. However, JJ said that she also loves her husband, Will, so she and Reid decided that they would continue to be "best friends."

Is Spencer Reid autistic? ›

Personality. It is suggested by other people within and outside of the team that Reid is on the autism spectrum, it is confirmed by The Fisher King in Season 1 Episode 22 through to Season 2 Episode 1. He is socially awkward and has a hard time dealing with his emotions.

How will Criminal Minds: Evolution end? ›

With the team nowhere in sight and oxygen levels continuing to fall, Rossi begins to hallucinate his late wife Krystall and finally works through his unending grief over her death. When he tells Krystall he's ready to go, accepting his death, she tells him that part of the reason she loved him was that he never quit.

What happened to Rossi on Criminal Minds: Evolution? ›

Good news: Rossi is alive, Elias Voit has been apprehended, and the BAU has not been disbanded. But also… bad news: Penelope and Tyler (and possibly Rebecca and Tara) are no more, Bailey is dead, and we still have no idea what Gold Star is.

Is Criminal Minds coming back in 2023? ›

Is Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 filming? Not yet. Production is expected to begin sometime in 2023.

Who is the youngest Criminal Minds killer? ›

Jeffrey is the youngest serial killer in the entire run of Criminal Minds, only being twelve years old at the time of his final murder. However, the youngest killers in the show's run were Danny Murphy and the youngest son of the Romani Family, both of whom were only nine years old when they committed murder.

How many unsubs has Reid killed? ›

Reid is responsible for 8 deaths

During the course of "Criminal Minds," Reid was directly responsible for the deaths of eight different unsubs (per Screen Rant), including Phillip Dowd, Chloe Donaghy, Tobias Hankel, Daniel Milworth, John Bradley, Andrew Meeks, and Casey Allen Pinker.

Which agent has the most kills in Criminal Minds? ›

Though Gideon calls Breitkopf "the most prolific serial killer ever", there is evidence that other real-life serial killers have much higher kill counts than Breitkopf: Harold Shipman, a.k.a. "Dr. Death", killed around 250 people and is believed to have killed many more, his victim count easily surpassing Breitkopf's.

Why did Reid choose Hotch? ›

They realize that because of this treatment combined with an addiction to dilaudid, Tobias dissociated, giving him split personalities. Reid "chooses" Hotch to be killed next, because he is a "classic narcissist." He quotes a Bible verse to support this claim.

Is UnSub a real term? ›

verb (used with or without object) un·subbed, un·sub·bing. to unsubscribe from an online service, email updates, marketing messages, etc.:The service renews automatically, but you can unsub at any time.

Does Hotch marry Reid's sister? ›

Dr. Lilliana Hotchner (neé Reid), nicknamed and often called "Lily", is a Supervisory Special Agent with the BAU. She is married to Aaron Hotchner, her Unit Chief, whom she has a daughter with named Hope. Lily is also the fraternal twin sister of Spencer Reid.

What IQ does Reid have? ›

Because of his eidetic memory, Dr. Spencer Reid can speak a multitude of foreign languages. With an IQ of 187, he can read at 20,000 words per minute and memorize both visual and audible information.

Who does Reid end up with? ›

With the series finale on CBS, Reid's story didn't exactly come to a satisfying end. In the final season, he has started a romantic relationship with Maxine Brenner (Rachael Leigh Cook), and the two continue in their romance after Cat Adams (Aubrey Plaza) attempts to break them up.

Who is the 400 IQ? ›

Other people with some of the highest IQs are Sho Yano, who had an estimated IQ of around 200 at 10 years old, and Adragon De Mello, who had a projected IQ of 400 and graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz at 11 years old, according to Reader's Digest.

What rank is 137 IQ? ›

115 to 129: Above average or bright. 130 to 144: Moderately gifted. 145 to 159: Highly gifted. 160 to 179: Exceptionally gifted.

Whose IQ level is 400? ›

Marilyn vos Savant (/ˌvɒs səˈvɑːnt/; born Marilyn Mach; August 11, 1946) is an American magazine columnist who has the highest recorded intelligence quotient (IQ) in the Guinness Book of Records, a competitive category the publication has since retired.

When did JJ tell Reid she loved him? ›

In the finale of Criminal Minds season 14, an emotional episode that saw both a wedding and a hostage situation, JJ Jareau (played by A.J. Cook) told her longtime coworker, Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Grey Gubler) that she had loved him all along.

Does Reid fall in love with JJ? ›

Reid has previously shown romantic interest in JJ, which later blossomed into an unbreakable friendship, and he was even made the godfather of JJ and her husband Will's (Josh Stewart) son, Henry.

Who does JJ end up with? ›

Jareau is married to Will LaMontagne, Jr. They have two sons, Henry and Michael. As of season 13, she and Matt Simmons (Daniel Henney) are the only members of the BAU who are married with children.

Is Spencer Reid's real name Ethan? ›

Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) was shot and Agent Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn) tried to get him help and called him by the name, "Ethan." At this point, no viewers knew who Ethan was and neither did Reid.

Does Reid get addicted? ›

While Reid survived, he developed an addiction to Dilaudid — a narcotic painkiller. Reid's personal struggle played out but was mostly a secondary plot line until he suddenly...

Did Reid get schizophrenia? ›

It can be stipulated that he has Asperger's Syndrome, as well as the beginnings of paranoid schizophrenia. Both of these disorders can be treated by medication and therapy.

What was Criminal Minds most popular episode? ›

1 Masterpiece (S4E8)

Jason Alexander turned in one of the most chilling and despicable villains in Criminal Minds history and made his mark in the best Criminal Minds episode. He was Henry Grace, a narcissistic serial killer who believed he was born to be a master killer.

What is the 69th episode of Criminal Minds? ›

Directed by. "Paradise" is the fourth episode of Season Four and the 69th overall of Criminal Minds.

What is episode 93 of Criminal Minds? ›

Darrin Call, a psychotic, suffers a breakdown in a pharmacy in Kentucky and stabs 3 people to death before running off and the BAU are called in to catch him.

Are there jump scares in Criminal Minds? ›

Definitely lots of blood and death, and several jump scares but I would totally recommend it to anybody who wants to watch it. Depends on how old and squeamish you are. There is plenty of blood and gore and death scenes. It just depends on whether stuff like that is scary to you.

What is the hardest episode to watch Criminal Minds? ›

The Most Disturbing Criminal Minds Episodes Ever
  • The Lesson (Season 8, Episode 10) ...
  • Lucky (Season 3, Episode 8) ...
  • A Shade of Gray (Season 4, Episode 21) ...
  • The Uncanny Valley (Season 5, Episode 12) ...
  • Into the Woods (Season 6, Episode 9) ...
  • North Mammon (Season 2, Episode 7) ...
  • Revelations (Season 2, Episode 15)
Mar 7, 2022

Why is Reid not in Criminal Minds: Evolution? ›

Who Is Missing on 'Criminal Minds: Evolution' and Why? As Criminal Minds: Evolution began filming, it was announced that Gubler and Henney would not be reprising their respective roles as Reid and Simmons due to other projects.

Who replaced JJ? ›

Jordan Todd is a recurring character who appears briefly in Season Four on Criminal Minds as a temporary replacement for Jennifer Jareau.

Why did Reid leave Criminal Minds? ›

Matthew Gray Gubler

However, Reid is now among them, as he left the team to go on classified assignments. In reality, Gray Gubler said that he isn't interested in reprising his role in season 16 of Criminal Minds: Evolution and wants to pursue other projects. For 15 seasons, he played Dr.

What is the 99th episode of Criminal Minds? ›

While tracking a family annihilator, the BAU must seek advice from "The Fox," one of the most horrific killers from the team's past who has an ominous message for Agent Hotchner.

What is the 100 episode of Criminal Minds? ›

The BAU team races to help Hotchner find The Reaper and save his family before it's too late. The BAU team races to help Hotchner find The Reaper and save his family before it's too late.

What is the 200th episode of Criminal Minds? ›

The BAU call Emily Prentiss for help to find JJ, who has been kidnapped. The truth about JJ and Cruz's past is revealed. The BAU call Emily Prentiss for help to find JJ, who has been kidnapped.

Did Criminal Minds do any crossovers? ›

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

CBS aired a backdoor pilot on an episode of Criminal Minds on April 8, 2015, introducing the characters with a crossover episode titled "Beyond Borders".

What is the most jump scares in a TV episode? ›

Think of Jason Voorhees jumping out of the water at the end of the 1980 classic “Friday the 13th.” The first episode of “The Midnight Club” broke the record for the most scripted jump scares in a single television episode, the news release says. The episode features a bone-chilling 21 jump scares.


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